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3 Easy Steps for Building your Own e-Learning for New Starters

Written by AGCC Training

TL;DR - We've got the experience and the LMS platform to create custom e-learning courses specifically for your industry or even specifically to your company's onboarding processes.


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If you’re considering planning your own elearning, you may be hesitating due to worries about storyboards, graphics, images, videos and the thought of having to master yet another online system, app or software again.

Your research may have shown you that you simply need to master more than ‘12 Steps’ or that experienced experts can provide consultancy and support you all the way through.

Sounds daunting? It certainly can be.

So here’s our fresh approach to taking your ideas and turning them into reality, without you having to become a part-time expert all by yourself! Our simple Why, How, Who  story explains the process:


Why create a Custom Course?  

You have a good idea of the messages you want to convey - such as your existing on-site training or business procedures.

You may be looking to create an online course which teaches your staff some of the methods, systems, processes or ways of thinking that are specific to your own organisation.

You may be looking to create an online course which acts as part of your new starter induction programme. 


How to build your own online training?  

Jot down your ideas into a simple document or presentation slides if you prefer - Google Docs is great for this and easy to share and collaborate on with others.

Or, you might want to write the entire content for your online course, word for word.

Otherwise you may just want to contribute some custom content to wrap around our standard pre-made training content. For example, if you’re an employer who wants to create an online Induction for new starters, you could provide the words which are specific to your own organisation, and leave us to insert our standard health & safety modules such as Workstation Safety (DSE) or Fire Safety as part of the story. After all, some subjects are generic and there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel!


Who is AGCC Training?

Have we done this before? Just answering yes may be an understatement.
We've been doing online training like this for a while, and made courses for teams and businesses of all shapes and sizes, check out our reviews for more info - but our favourite example shows how, around 10 years ago, we created a fully customised online learning and Learning Management System (LMS) platform for a nationwide and international domiciliary care provider - with around 100 franchises each managing between 20 - 2,000 staff per site, they wanted to create their own custom content to provide training for their Care & Support Workers.

They didn’t want a standard generic off-the-shelf course for their staff, they wanted to provide a customised training course to carefully match their own policies and principles and to refer to their own in-house documentation, they wanted the ability to focus on specific subject areas and include as much detail as they thought was necessary for each subject. They didn’t want to be limited to the availability and cost of standard publicly available training courses.


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